The Desa Group is made up of companies specialized in fastenings for application in the industrial, construction and agricultural sectors.

Today, it is one of Europe's leading industrial groups in this activity. The group has its headquarters in Spain, subsidiaries in Portugal and France and distributors in major countries worldwide.

The group was created by the merger of DESA and SIMES, both leading companies in Spain in their respective activities. With over 50 years of innovation in manufacturing their respective products, the group is constantly expanding and becoming more international in scope, with its core values being quality and service.


Grupo Desa

Técnicas de Anclaje, S.A.U.
Parque de Negocios de Viladecans
c/ Antonio Machado, nº 78-80, 1ª planta
08840 Viladecans (Barcelona), España
Tel. +34 936 305 300

Comersim, S.A.U.
P.I. Ampliación Comarca 1 Calle L, 15-17
31160, Orkoien (Navarra), España
Apdo. 65. 31080, Pamplona (Navarra), Esp.
Tel. +34 948 33 52 66
Salki - Simes - Agrifast

IRI, Lda
Rua Dr. Miguel Bombarda, 13 1º
2860 - 461 Moita, Portugal
Tel. +351 212 071 233

SDR Fixations, SAS
Z.A. Le Pansu
38500 La Buisse (Lyon), Francia
Tel. +33 4 76 061 515